Legends Unplugged


Camp Description

Launching in February of 2019, Legends Founder, David Klein, along with digital wellness thought leaders will be facilitating a transformational program to inspire and teach youth athletes how to develop a healthy relationship with technology so they can achieve their own unique potential. The program kicks off with an in person family digital mindfulness orientation, where we will be introducing the entire family to the new habits and techniques we are going to be implementing. The main event is an innovative 3 day, 2 night immersive overnight program at Little Basin Campground in Santa Cruz where will we unplug, learn, compete and develop a newfound self -awareness in each of our athletes. Our follow up program offers our athletes the opportunity to stay connected with their coaches so they can stay on top of all the new habits we put into place.

One of the core philosophies behind Legends Unplugged is that the likelihood of lasting habit change is much greater when the dynamics of one’s environment has shifted: if friends or family members are on board and aware of the new technology usage habits, new social norms can be established. Therefore all participants are required to apply with at least one friend as they will help each other spread word about their newly found intentional habits and skills. We also believe athletics, in particularly team sports, are the best way to teach kids empathy, emotional intelligence and how to communicate effectively – it’s also the most fun!

Every participant will be placed in a bunk which will be their team for the weekend. The teams will work together and compete in a number of games, activities and challenges which will offer them a ton of new information, experiences and skills which they will take home with them. This one of a kind program is designed to transform kids’ lives so they are happier, more productive, more self confident and self-aware than ever before.


Camp Description