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David Klein’s Catching Clinic


2021 Registration for David Klein’s Catching Course will be open soon! Stay tuned!

Legends Founder and former collegiate catcher, David Klein, will be offering our new catching course designed for serious catchers looking to take their skills to the next level!  Since 2009, collegiate coaches from around the country have been sending catchers to learn under David during the summer, and 5 of these players have been drafted into the MLB!  David loves nothing more than teaching the position he played his entire life.  His attention to detail, high energy and extreme passion for catching will inspire your child to maximize his own unique potential.

Our 8-week catching course will take place on Thursdays (6:00-8:00pm) at Nealon Park in Menlo Park. These 2 hour sessions will cover EVERY single skill necessary to transform your child into a strong, confident and Legendary catcher!

  • Footwork: Footwork is crucial for catchers. We will work hard on developing quick feet to improve our ability to catch pitches outside the strikezone, block baseballs and speed up our pop-time throws to bases. 
  • Core Strengthening & Flexibility: Proper stretching and flexibility are especially important for catchers. Your son will learn catcher-specific core strengthening exercises and stretching routines that will increase strength, flexibility and agility while reducing chances of injury. 
  • Throwing: We will work on our throwing mechanics to improve accuracy and quickness. We will play catch everyday and do exercises designed to improve arm strength. Pop times will be reduced without a doubt! 
  • Drills: We will work on several drills designed to reinforce the necessary skills including framing, passed balls, blocking, pop-ups, reaction drills and repetitions from live pitchers. 
  • The Mental game: Catching requires the most thinking on the diamond. We will spend a lot of time on the mental game including pitch calling, mental strategies and handling your pitchers. 

Cost: $300/4 weeks and $500/8 weeks

Ages: 10-18 years old 

Times: 6:00-8:00pm

Where: Nealon Park 

What to bring: Catchers gear/Catchers glove/Cleats/Turfs/Water

How to register:  REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

Questions: Contact David directly at 650.387.4427 or email

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