Ever wonder why your child can’t seem to hit the ball consistently or repeat their pitching delivery? 

It’s likely because they are lacking core strength!


Private lessons, clinics, camps…. these are ALL great! But they won’t necessarily make your child a better ballplayer if they don’t have the core strength to repeat the movement patterns!

Our specialized L-Core off-season training program is designed specifically for youth baseball players to become all around stronger ATHLETES! Using advanced training methods designed to optimize baseball performance, L-Core will transform your son’s athletic ability so they can finally repeat the proper swing mechanics, pitching motions and baseball fundamentals they are taught!

The program meets two times per week (12 sessions) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm and will steer clear of the holiday season.

There really isn’t anything else out there like this program!

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L-CORE Training Program

-Core strengthening
-Speed and agility training (movement training)
-Arm care (no throwing)
-Dynamic stretching
-Healthy eating
-Teaching of Valuable Life lessons
-Speed and strength tests will be conducted at the beginning, middle and end of the program to track improvement and progress through the program.

By combining these exercises your child can expect more velocity when throwing, increased bat speed and improved quickness on the basepaths! These movement patterns will improve your child’s athletic ability across ALL sports, not just baseball!

Beginning in early December and finishing in mid January, your son can expect to become faster, stronger and more confident with our Legendary training program!

L-CORE Training Starts December 1st!