Pitching Clinic

Pitching Clinic

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Session 1: Dec 6 – Jan 17th is SOLD OUT. 

Session 2: Starts Jan 24th. Registration is NOW OPEN!


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*Parents, a coach, or an adult the players works with at home are highly recommended to attend to a minimum of 2 sessions. We want to ensure the adult who works with the child at home has a sound understanding of how the child has progressed and what they need to be working on between sessions. 


L-Core is our specialized off-season training program designed specifically for youth baseball players! Using advanced training methods designed to optimize baseball performance, L-Core will transform your son into an all around stronger, more confident athlete!
The program meets two times per week (12 sessions) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm and will steer clear of the holiday season.
L-Core combines baseball specific core strengthening exercises with speed and agility training. Core strengthening is essential for developing explosiveness, quickness and power and will greatly help your child repeat the movement patterns necessary to compete on the field. Strength and agility training will work your child’s “fast twitch” leg muscles to provide a stronger foundation to twist, turn, jump, sprint, etc. Utilizing Jaeger Bands (baseball specific surgical tubing) we will strengthen the small, “at risk” muscles in the shoulder, back and rotator cuff. Conducted at the start of every training, our dynamic stretching program will increase flexibility and decrease risk of injury.
By combining these exercises your child can expect more velocity when throwing, increased bat speed and improved quickness on the basepaths! These movement patterns will improve your child’s athletic ability across ALL sports, not just baseball!
Beginning in early December and finishing in mid January, your son can expect to become faster, stronger and more confident with our Legendary training program!

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